myPVR Technical Specification

All myPVR units are built to the following specification as standard. Should you wish to purchase a myPVR please take a look at the available options page.


myPVR Black myPVR silver
  • Advanced ASUS Socket AM2 Athlon 64 motherboard
  • AMD Athlon 64 3600 X2 cpu (or faster)
    • Dual Core CPU now as standard
    • Cool and Quiet support.
    • Dynamic Speed Fan Control
  • Dual Layer DVD±RW Drive with DVD-Ram support.
  • 512 Mb DDR2 Ram
  • Gigabit Ethernet (integrated)
  • Wireless network optional extra
  • High Definition Audio with analog and digital outputs
    • complies with Intel’s HDA specification
    • Coax Digital Audio as standard
    • Optical Digital Audio available as an option
  • NVidia 6150 integrated HDTV capable video.
    • Composite and SVideo support
    • Component Video support
    • VGA + DVI + HDMI (video) support
  • PCI Express Architecture
  • UDMA and SATA II support
  • Firewire controller with front and rear ports.
  • USB2.0 ports (2 front, 4 rear)
  • Hauppauge MPEG2 video capture (single or dual tuner)
  • NMedia PC case, in black or silver
    • Ultra quiet PSU
    • LCD panel for system information.
    • Front mounted Flash Memory Card Reader.
    • Rear quiet fan.
    • Alternative larger case available for greater storage and flexibility.
  • On board high speed hard drive storage for local media
    • 250Gb and 400Gb standard options.
    • Other sizes available on request.
  • Remote control
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • No ongoing charges for the hardware – you own it from day one.


MythTV Main Screen

  • Linux based OS core utilising the latest advanced media technologies.
  • Customised KnoppMyth base with enhanced hardware support.
  • Modified pre-configured MythTV 0.20 provides the majority of the media features.
  • No ongoing charges for the software (see support)
  • All audio and video drivers upgraded to support the features of the myPVR hardware platform.
  • XMame classic arcade game emulator.
  • Linux games pre-installed including TuxRacer, Frozen Bubble and Pingus.
  • Samba is used to provide local network file access for Windows and Mac based systems.


  • Initial 3 month software support period included in purchase price.
  • Ongoing support contract is available at an additional charge from OpenMedia for on site or remote assistance with updates and fixes.
  • Customers with an uptodate support contract get all patches and fixes direct from OpenMedia.